Memorable Photo & Video Opportunities


Holly & Jake

Downtown Waukesha, The Clarke Hotel, People’s Park Restaurant, and The Rotunda.
Thank you to Champagne Studios and of course Holly and Jake!

Ashley & John

St. John’s Military Academy, The Clarke Hotel, and The Rotunda.
Thanks to Sweet Pea Cinema and the lovely bride and groom!

Kathleen & Brian

Downtown Waukesha and The Rotunda.
Thank you Wedding Faktory and Kathleen & Brian!


Milwaukee wedding venues unique.


The Rotunda in Waukesha is truly a Milwaukee wedding venues unique location.  When looking for Milwaukee wedding venues unique location, many choose The Rotunda for its historic place in the state.  Milwaukee wedding venues unique location in Downtown Waukesha is sure to offer your guests all the amenities they would expect when attending an event.

The Waukesha area is full of great restaurants and shops for your friends and family, which is why choosing this Milwaukee wedding venues unique location is a fantastic choice